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We rely on individual and corporate volunteers to prepare and serve nourishing, balanced meals all across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area throughout the year – rain, shine, or snow! On average, SevaTruck volunteers serve about 500 meals per event. Find out how you can volunteer below.

Volunteer Opportunities

SevaTruck offers multiple volunteer opportunities no matter your skills or interests. As a volunteer, you’ll make a real difference and meet others while enjoying a positive environment.  Join us to serve food, set up for events, provide social media support and more. Ready to volunteer with SevaTruck?

What Our
Volunteers Say

A truly unforgettable experience. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the community and get a bunch of smiles in return. SevaTruck’s definitely achieves its mission goals of combating hunger, serving and building unity. It was awesome to see everyone come together and make it happen.”

Felipe Rodriguez

Working with Sevatruck was such a fun and tangible way to directly help our local community.  I really enjoyed meeting people from all ages and backgrounds, and hearing some personal stories as we shared a warm meal with them.  It’s a good feeling to make someone’s day a little brighter, and our small contribution lets that person know that the people around them value and care about them.”

Rebecca Cohencious

Working with SevaTruck to serve over 200 meals to the LAYC was an invaluable (and fun!) experience.  It is easy to feel like you are busy and overwhelmed with day to day activities but when you have the opportunity to connect with people in need, it is a powerful reminder of what is truly important.  SevaTruck is an incredible resource for our community and I look forward to volunteering again in the future.”

Mandy Owens

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to volunteer with SevaTruck. Before becoming involved with SevaTruck, I did not understand the extent to which the children in our nation’s capital face food insecurity. It was extremely rewarding to be able to serve children from the Latin American Youth Center a warm meal and personally connect with those we are serving in the community. There is something very special about not just giving of your time, but spending that time directly interacting with those you are striving to help.”

Stephanie Callaghan

My first time volunteering for SevaTruck was a very rewarding experience. The camaraderie of the SevaTruck team and the interaction with the Vets was a unique experience that provided a sense of perspective that is often absent from my daily awareness. I will certainly do it again!”

Corey Ferris

Such an incredible experience to be able to treat others with love and respect and receive kindness and appreciation for the simplest of things-providing a warm meal. Many asked us when we would be back! We hope to provide many loving meals in the years to come. SevaTruck is on the move and we are excited to be a part of its movement!”

Nidhi Gulati


What will I be doing?

SevaTruck events consist of three stages:

  1. Food Prep – includes washing, preparing/cutting and storing vegetables for service
  2. Cooking/Serving – includes cooking the food, plating the meals and serving the attendees
  3. Clean Up – cleaning the truck

Food Prep is handled at SevaTech Headquarters. This shift lasts approximately 2 hours. Cooking/Serving is done at the event site (see below) and runs approximately 3 hours. Clean Up is done following the last event of the day and takes approximately 30 minutes. Each day SevaTruck has an event, there will actually be two cooking/serving shifts: lunch and dinner. Clean Up takes place following the Dinner service. All Food Prep for both Cooking/Serving shifts is done in the morning.

What should I wear?

Because SevaTruck is handling food for service, volunteers are subject to specific Department of Health rules, including signing a health waiver. Volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes, as well as pants or shorts. Those cooking or serving food will be provided disposable gloves and hair nets.

In the colder months, please note that there is no heating inside the truck other than the heat from the delicious food cooking! So if you are volunteering during this time, please be sure to dress appropriately.

Where will I be volunteering?

SevaTruck has four locations where we spend our time:

SevaTec Headquarters
2815 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22031
Shift: Food Prep
Parking: Building parking lot

JoAnn Leleck Broadacres Elementary School
710 Beacon Road, Silver Spring, MD 20903
Shift: Lunch or Dinner
Parking: School and street parking is available.
Notes: Meet in front of Linkages for Learning building.
Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)

1419 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009
Shift: Lunch
Parking: Street parking is available until 4:00 pm
Metro: Columbia Heights, Green/Yellow Lines (One block north)
Notes: Meet in front of the youth center. If you have difficulty finding parking, there is a DCUSA Parking Garage under the Target building one block to the north (3100 14th Street NW).

US Vets
150 Wayne Place, SE, Washington, DC 20032
Shift: Dinner
Parking: Street parking available
Metro: Congress Heights and Southern Avenue metro stops 1.5+ miles north
Notes: Meet in back of the building.

What do I do with my personal belongings?

Space on the truck is limited, so please bring only necessary items. SevaTruck cannot take responsibility for any personal belongings.

Do you provide snacks?

After your shift, volunteers will be served some of the delicious food you helped prepare.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Once on location, volunteers shall complete the Form 1B Department of Health Food Employee Reporting Agreement prior to handling any food. In addition, volunteers are required to sign in and sign out using SevaTruck’s Volunteer Book.

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