Inspired to Serve

A nonprofit serving fresh, nutritious meals to local communities in need — using food trucks to offer mutual hope and inspire service to humanity.

COVID-19 Update

SevaTruck is still operating during COVID-19. Find out more about it here.

Who We Are

SevaTruck Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing hunger in our communities by serving hot, nutritious meals to anyone in need. 

SevaTruck is a fully licensed food truck with a commercially integrated kitchen. While we currently operate in the Washington, D.C. metro area, our plans are to expand in several cities across America in the future.

Through our Free Meal Service campaign, we serve nutritionally-balanced vegetarian meals when and wherever needed. Together, in partnership with local area food banks, shelters and nonprofit organizations, we address the effects of poverty in our nation’s capital and fulfills a higher purpose of serving humanity.

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102,000 Meals Served
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Our Mission

Too many individuals are suffering from the debilitating effects of hunger, especially in the nation’s capital. One in seven District households is struggling against hunger.

To help combat food insecurity in the Washington, D.C. metro area, SevaTruck has focused its operations towards two targeted audiences – children and veterans. As a result, we have partnered with the Latin American Youth Center, a D.C. based center that provides a host of services and support to over 4000 underprivileged youth annually, and the US Vets, an organization that operates an 85 bed facility for homeless veterans. By using our mobile food truck operation, we can serve hot, nutritious meals to members of these organizations when and where needed.

To support this vital initiative, we actively recruit volunteers and form partnerships with local area food banks, shelters and food assistance programs.

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What’s Next

At SevaTruck, success is not measured by meal count alone.

We hope to expand our operation in Ward 7 & 8 of Washington D.C., one of the region’s largest food deserts. We also aim to develop a study with partners and food security advocates that allows us to measure our impact.

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How was your week?! #sevatruckdc had a busy one serving 2,050 meals to our partners, including: Annandale United Methodist Church Mission Center, Braddock ES, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Culmore Clinic, Food for Others, Gallery Apt. Complex, Greencastle ES, MAS DC, Rosa Parks ES, Thomas S. Stone ES, Second Story at Culmore and So What Else. A special thank you to the Mao Family that helped us on Monday! Please visit our website and send us a note to receive more information on family volunteering. #happyfriday #freemeals #seva #volunteer #foodtruck #service #community #dmv #endinghunger #love ...

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“We held our first burrito distribution yesterday. Our students were so excited to receive them! Thank you so much for providing food to our families! The burritos were DELICIOUS! Our families were already asking us when we would have this distribution again.”- Celeste V., Community Coordinator at Thomas Stone ES, Prince George’s County, MD #sevatruckdc #seva #community #communitylove #support #love #freemeals #foodtruckfood #healthyeating ...

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