Seva Means Selfless Service

Who We Are

SevaTruck Richmond Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing hunger in the Richmond area by serving free nutritious meals to those in need, with a focus on children of Title 1 schools and the homeless. 

Through our Free Meal Service campaign, we aim to serve nutritionally-balanced meals mostly sourced from local farms, and in partnership with local area food banks, shelters and nonprofit organizations.

Together, we strive to address the effects of poverty in Richmond and fulfill a higher purpose of serving humanity.

Our Mission

Too many individuals are suffering from the debilitating effects of hunger, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. One in five kids is struggling against hunger, compared to one in eight prior to COVID-19, and homelessness is steadily rising towards 800 homeless in the Richmond area.  SevaTruckRVA’s mobile food operation will enable us to meet people where they are to help minimize their obstacles in getting nutritious meals. 

To support this vital initiative, we actively recruit volunteers and form partnerships with local farms, food banks, community outreach programs, and food assistance programs.

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The Team

Justin & Emma Moyer


Harpreet Grewal, M.D.


Molly McMahon

Executive Director

Farm to Truck

At SevaTruck RVA, success is not measured by meal count alone but how we can all work together to make a greater impact.

Make a Donation

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COVID-19 Precautions

These are unprecedented times as the nation and the world grapple with the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Richmond area already possesses a large food insecure population, but as the virus has progressed and the economy remains unstable, more and more people are falling into that category. At SevaTruckRVA, we’re taking steps to ensure a comfortable, safe environment for everyone involved. Learn more about how our team is adapting.

The Virginia Roadmap to End Hunger has determined that there could potentially be a “nearly 50%  increase in food insecurity for the region”. The pandemic has only catalyzed the increase of need in our area and has disproportionately affected seniors, children and people of color. Now more than ever, SevaTruck RVA’s mission is of the utmost importance!

The health and safety of our volunteers and partners is our top priority, and SevaTruck RVA is adapting in order to abide by social distancing guidelines while still offering opportunities to people wanting to help:

  1. We will only accept volunteers from a single family on a given day to contain any potential exposure to our other volunteers.
  2. All meals will be prepared away from the distribution site to avoid large congregations of people.
  3. Meals are prepared in advance and given to our amazing partners who safely distribute them to their respective communities.

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