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The food insecurity rate in Virginia is 11.8%, Maryland with 11.4%, and Washington D.C. at 14.5%, making D.C. the 6th highest food insecurity rate in the nation.

As part of a more comprehensive solution, SevaTruck aims to establish consistent and long-term partnerships with Title I schools and organizations offering services to underserved youth that currently do not offer meal programs. Doing so allows us to fill a gap with current programmatic efforts and contribute to a lasting impact.

Our Impact

Serving hot, nutritious, vegetarian meals promotes healthy eating and provides a diet optimized for students.

Findings show that a child with a healthy diet will be more attentive in school, perform better at tasks, and will be more physically and mentally prepared for studying, and energized for extra-curricular activities.

What’s Next

We have served over 330,000 meals since our first event in April 2016. However, success is not measured by meal counts alone. In 2022, we hope to expand our operations by adding a second truck in the DMV area, serve over 200,000 meals between all Sevatrucks and we will also conduct our first research study on our impact!

In 2023 alone Sevatruck DC served

72,917 meals

Become a Volunteer

SevaTruck offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer and make a direct difference. Become a SevaTruck volunteer today.