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The food insecurity rate in Virginia is 11.8%, Maryland with 11.4%, and Washington D.C. at 14.5%, making D.C. the 6th highest food insecurity rate in the nation.

As part of a more comprehensive solution, SevaTruck aims to establish consistent and long-term partnerships with Title I schools and organizations offering services to underserved youth that currently do not offer meal programs. Doing so allows us to fill a gap with current programmatic efforts and contribute to a lasting impact.

Our Impact

Serving hot, nutritious, vegetarian meals promotes healthy eating and provides a diet optimized for students.

Findings show that a child with a healthy diet will be more attentive in school, perform better at tasks, and will be more physically and mentally prepared for studying, and energized for extra-curricular activities.

What’s Next

Through the combination of our suppliers, partners, volunteers and the generous contributions of our donors, we have served over 44,000 meals since our first event in April 2016. We have also successfully expanded a second truck serving Detroit, Michigan.

However, success is not measured by meal counts alone. In 2019, we hope to expand our operations by building a stationary kitchen, and altogether serve 40,000 meals between D.C. and Michigan. We also aim to develop a study with partners and food security advocates that allows us to capture measures of our impact.

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Become a Volunteer

SevaTruck offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer and make a direct difference. Become a SevaTruck volunteer today.

Follow Along

Happy Friday!!!
Testimony from our dear partners at Greencastle ES in Silver Spring, Maryland. “I want to share what a big sensation and how happy the families were with the burritos Sevatruck makes for the Greencastle ES community.
One of our clients is in awe of how delicious the burritos are and how her entire family had loved them. In less than an hour, we had distributed the 100 burritos, woohoo!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!!
Gloria Guzmán
Greencastle Elementary School

Every now and then someone reaches out and lends you an unexpected hand. It surprises you, warms up your heart and refreshes your memory that there is still kindness during this time. SevaTruck thanks @themotleyfoolofficial for their act of compassion and for their significant contribution that will allow SevaTruck to continue to serve hot and nutritious meals to our community in need. #partnership #helpingthecommunity #feedingkids #healthyeating #freemeals #motleyfool #community #strongertogether ...

100K Meals Served and We Couldn't Have Done it Without You! https://mailchi.mp/14371b2ad787/sevatruck-contines-to-serve. SevaTruck sends a huge thanks to #themotleyfool for their act of compassion and generous donation @themotleyfoolofficial ...

Starting the week with our favorite fruits- mandarins, apples and bananas! What’s your favorite fruit?! #seva #sevatruck #sevatruckdc #fruits #freemeals #healthyfood #healthy ...

How’s your Monday?! Our is abundant with generosity and love!!! All items on this picture are being donated to our friends @shebelievesinme_va that are distributed to communities at risk in the Herndon area of Northern Virginia. If you know someone that have an emergency food request, please call or text SBIM at 571-446-0069 and leave a message in the mailbox for food assistance. If you would like to contribute to our campaign please signup at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080949aaa628a0ff2-groceries ...

Big THANK YOU to @proposalhelper for weekly donations of non-perishable goods towards our grocery bag campaign benefiting our friends at @shebelievesinme_va . #weareinthistogether #communitysupport #partnership #love #freemeals #sevatruckdc #volunteer #makinganimpact ...

“Thank you so much for the donated meals and non-perishable food items. The impact on the distressed families is very meaningful, both for being able to feed their families and in terms of knowing they live in a community that cares for each other during this crisis. We can't thank you enough for your generosity.”, Lisa Barsky-She Believes In Me Foundation 🧡❤️🧡❤️Thanks to your support and the generosity of our partners, we served over 1,750 warm meals this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ...

#GivingTuesdayNow - Let's join together and give back to communities in response to COVID-19. ...