SevaTruck partners with local area food banks, veterans’ facilities, and children centers to extend our reach in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Through these valuable partnerships, we are able to deliver nutritious meals to those in need and help eliminate food insecurity.

Why Partner with SevaTruck?

SevaTruck offers a unique set of benefits that complement our partners’ service offerings. Together we can build a collaborative partnership with a joint mission to eradicate hunger in the nation’s capital.

Mobile Food Distribution

Expand your reach and impact throughout Washington, D.C. with SevaTruck’s fully-equipped mobile food truck.

Community Network

Join a leading network of local area food banks, shelters, and food assistance programs to eliminate hunger in our community.

Nutrition Advocate

Help provide nourishing food, while promoting health and raising awareness of nutrition-fueled health problems.

Social Responsibility

Build positive brand recognition while supporting a worthy cause through joint marketing efforts.

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