COVID-19 Update

These are unprecedented times as the nation and the world grapple with the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The DMV area already possesses a large food insecure population, but as the virus has progressed and the economy remains unstable, more and more people are falling into that category. At SevaTruck, we’re taking steps to ensure a comfortable, safe environment for everyone involved. Learn more about how our team is adapting.

Capital Area Food Bank’s Hunger Report 2020 has conducted extensive studies to determine the impact of COVID-19 on the DMV, and has determined that there could potentially be a “48% to 60% increase in food insecurity for the region”. The pandemic has only catalyzed the increase of need in our area and has disproportionately affected seniors, children and people of color. Now more than ever, SevaTruck’s mission is of the utmost importance!

The health and safety of our volunteers and partners is our top priority, and SevaTruck has made several updates to abide by social distancing guidelines and meet the growing need:

  1. We are now only accepting volunteers from a single family on a given day to contain any potential exposure to our other volunteers.
  2. All meals are now being prepared away from the distribution site to avoid large congregations of people. Meals are prepared in advance and given to our amazing partners who safely distribute them to their respective communities.
  3. Our weekly number of meals has increased to almost 2000 per week, and so far in the year 2020, we have already exceeded our net output for the entirety of last year.

The pandemic has thrown the existing issues in our region into harsh relief. The DMV has been in a long fight with food insecurity, and according to the Hunger Report 2020, nearly 415,000 people in the region struggled with food insecurity before the pandemic. Now, that number is increasing at alarming rates. In these trying times, SevaTruck is dedicated to rise to meet this need by seeing through our goals of combating hunger, serving humanity, and building unity in our community.

Please contact with questions or for more information.